Surgery Notes

If you pet is scheduled for surgery, or if you are thinking about scheduling your pet for surgery, look here for answers to clients' common questions.

If your pet is scheduled for surgery...

  • Plan on dropping your pet off between 8:00 am and 8:30 am unless a prior arrangement has been made.

  • Make sure your pet does not eat after midnight before his or her surgery. Offering fresh drinking water is okay. It is important that their stomach is empty for surgery.

  • Pick up days and times vary. Please ask a staff member for your pet's estimated pick up time.

  • You will be given specific instrcutions when you pick your pet up for how to care for your pet after surgery. Basic care usually includes resting for 10-14 days, administering prescribed medications at home, and monitoring the surgery site. These instructions will vary based on sex, species, and type of surgery.

  • If your pet is staying the night, you may bring a small amount of his or her food.

  • All dogs must be on a leash and all cats must be in a carrier. Car rides can be stressfull and the walk from the car to the clinic can be scary. The smells and the loudness from the traffic can scare pets and cause them to bolt. Please keep your pet safe by keeping them secure.

If your pet needs surgery...

We offer many types of surgery here at the Animal Care Clinic. We perform trauma/emergency surgeries and these common, routine surgies:



  • Spays

  • Neuters

  • Declaws

  • Dental Cleanings/Tooth Removal


  • Orthopedic Surgery

  • Dewclaw Removal

  • Tumor Removal

  • Wart/Cyst Removal


All surgeries must be scheduled in advance. Please call the clinic at (740) 775-7297 or schedule online here.


It's more than just surgery...

We know it can be stressful when you bring your pet in for surgery. That's why when you bring your pet to have surgery you will receive more than just a surgical procedure. We believe that all pets deserve items like pain control and antibiotics, so all of our surgeries include the following:


  • Physical Exam

  • Toe Nail Trim

  • Anesthesia, Monitoring, and Post-Operative Care

  • Pain Medication

  • Antibiotics

On the day of surgery, your pet may also get vaccines, bloodwork, or other routine services for an additional fee. And since a physical exam is included with your pet's surgery, we won't charge for it!