The Animal Care Clinic was founded in 2005 by Dr. Lisa Pelfrey when she began a mobile practice out of her home. Now we boast a 4,500 square foot facility filled with state-of-the-art medical, surgical, and diagnostic equipment. Our staff of doctors, technicians, assistants, and receptionists are all here to serve you and all of your pet's needs.

Dr. Lisa Pelfrey, Owner, DVM
Dr. Lisa Pelfrey
Owner, DVM

Dr. Lisa Pelfrey is a graduate from the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University. She loves taking care of animals and is proficient in many modern surgical techniques. Her lifelong dream was to become a veterinarian someday. Not only has that dream come true, she went a step further when she started the Animal Care Clinic in 2005. She started our as her only employee, growing steadily to the two-doctor practice she owns today. Dr. Lisa is married to Anthony and they have two wonderful children, Ella and Ryker.

Dr. Madison Sandusky, DVM
Dr. Madison Sandusky

Dr. Madison Sandusky graduated from St. George's School of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 and recently married her husband, Brandon. Dr. Maddy has worked at the Animal Care Clinic at various times over the past two years and is now a full-time veterinarian on staff. 

Anthony Pelfrey, Practice Manager
Anthony Pelfrey
Practice Manager

Anthony is the Practice Manager at the clinic.  He has served in management and ministry prior and during his work with the practice. He is married to Lisa and it is commonplace to see their children Ella and Ryker helping out around the practice! They also have many other animals such as chickens, ducks, llamas, horses, pigs, birds, cats, dogs, goats, a donkey, a peacock, and more!

Courtney Bethel, Veterinary Technician
Courtney Bethel
Veterinary Technician
Cari Brodess, Receptionist
Cari Brodess

Cari has worked as our main receptionist at the clinic since 2011 and has two children - one of which who works at the clinic, too! Chances are you'll hear her voice when you call the clinic for your pet!

Courtney graduated from Bradford University in 2015 and has worked at the Animal Care Clinic ever since. You'll often see her helping patients and owners with their physical exams.

Hannah Brown, Kennel Attendant
Hanna Brown
Kennel Attendant

Hannah is our newest Kennel Technician at the clinic. She balances school, band, and work. She also looks after all the furry friends while they are being treated.

Izzy Conrad, Kennel Attendant
Izzy Conrad
Kennel Attendant

Izzy holds another important position at the clinic. She takes care of every patient during their stay as well as keeping the clinic neat and tidy. 

Buffy Gardner, Veterinary Technician
Buffy Gardner
Veterinary Technician
Izzy Conrad, Kennel Attendant
Nikki Gay
Veterinary Technician

Buffy has been a Veterinary Technician at the clinic since 2012. She has two major loves of her life - her puppies Cooper and Kobi (and a husband and daugher, Guy and Rowan.) 

Beth McCann, CVT
Kara Gray

When you stop by to pick up your pet's medication or when you come for your pet's appointment, Kara is one of the wonderful receptionsts that will be there to greet you with a smile!

Kelsey, Johnson, Veterinary Technician
Kelsey Johnson
Veterinary Technician

Ever since 2014, Kelsey has called the Animal Care Clinic home. Helping pets is what she's been doing ever since graduating from Bradford University.

Kelley Ramsey, Kennel Attendant
Kelley Ramsey
Kennel Attendant
Izzy Conrad, Kennel Attendant
Christina Rodriguez
Veterinary Technician

Kelley not only can be seen wearing scrubs around the clinic, but she suits up in a different uniform quite often. When she's not in scrubs she's wearing camouflage. Army National Guard camouflage, that is. 

Shasta Slaughter, Veterinary Technician
Shasta Slaughter
Veterinary Technician

Shasta has worked at the clinic since 2011 after graduating from THE Ohio State University. Her and her husband, Ryan also run Coyote Ridge Farms and Gardens and can be found at farmer's markets on the weekends.

Carmen VanBuskirk, CVT
Carmen VanBuskirk
Certified Veterinary Technician

Carmen, a graduate from Columbus State, can be seen all over the clinic assisting with surgery, treating patients, and helping clients. 

The Animal Care Clinic also supports these local organizations:

Wet Kisses Wagging Tails
Ross County 4-H
Chillicothe Youth Soccer League
Chillicothe City Pool
City of Chillicothe